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In 2020 after the pandemic hit, I was a hot mess. 

After my consulting business failed, which led to personal bankruptcy and triggered an intense state of anxiety and depression, I felt lost. I almost couldn’t handle it all and wanted to give up. I eventually turned my life around and set out on a new path. I decided to follow my passions, get a dog, hunt for truffles and have fun (my mental health improved to say the least). Today, I’m the host of the Truffle Forager Podcast, a certified dog trainer, co-founder of The UK Truffle Festival and Dog Championships and I now teach people how to hunt truffles and train their dogs through online classes, coaching, and workshop days. 

This year, I’ve made it my mission to help 100 other dog teams experiecne the journey and joy of finding wild truffles with their dogs.  

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