How To Train Your Dog To Hunt Truffle Mushrooms

Truffles only grow in certain areas and can be a very lucrative business if you decide to be a truffle hunter. Though fungi may be easy to find in your area, truffles are sometimes elusive, hidden underground, near certain trees, and in areas that are not enticing to explore. Truffles have a powerful, distinct scent and are delicious for both dogs and people. Truffle hunting is something you can do with your dog and create an exciting hobby or business venture together. Imagine the bond you will have when your dog finds such an exciting product and helps you to make money! Truffles do not always grow in the same area twice so they can be challenging to find. However, teaching your dog to find truffles is not an incredibly difficult thing to do. And it is something the two of you can do together to grow, bond, and build a profitable business.

What Breed Is A Truffle Dog?

Truffle Hunting Dog Breeds

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Are Truffle Dogs Good Pets?

If you are looking to train a truffle dog, consider starting early when your dog is a puppy. If you can include the puppy’s nursing mother in your truffle training, all the better for your pup. Truffle hunting becomes a lifetime training for most dogs who work hard to find truffles. You could potentially train any dog to find a truffle, but it might be easier to train a puppy and to train a dog who likes to have his nose to the ground. While your dog is training, you will need to have access to truffle oil so he can get used to the strong scent of truffles. It is extremely common for truffle hunt dogs to have nursed with truffle oil on their mother’s teats as newborns. Be prepared with patience, time to hunt with your dog, and energy to put into training your dog to find truffles. This will require persistence as your puppy grows into a truffle-hunting dog.

Here’s How To Start Training Your Truffle Dog

To get started you are going to need some treats, truffles or at least truffle oil, cotton balls, and a ball, stuffed toy, or sock you can cut into and re-stitch to hide bread or cotton balls soaked in truffle oil to entice your dog. You will also need time and patience to allow your puppy to grow into a dog who is familiar with the scent of truffles and the journey of the hunt.