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Truffle Dog Training Workshops (UK)

Hunt truffles together. Bond forever. Have fun.  

About The Workshops:

These workshops are aimed specifically at complete beginners with little to no previous scent-work experience who would like to teach their dog the art of hunting wild British truffles!

Truffle Dog Training UK Workshops

Lead Trainer: Ben Sweet

Truffle Forager and Certified IMDT dog trainer

Can You Relate?

👉 Do you have a passion to hunt truffles with your dog but don’t know where to start?   

👉 Do you struggle training your dog consistently or simply getting started?

👉 Are you tired of wasting your time trying to figure things out for yourself?

👉 Do you struggle with knowing how to motivate your dog and build confidence?

👉 Do you feel overwhelmed, tend to overthink, procrastinate and a bit lost knowing what to focus on?

If you answered “YES” to any of the above then you’re in the right place

Hi, I'm Ben Sweet 👋

And I help people train truffle dogs through scent detection training. My content and guidance will help you streamline your truffle hunting journey so that you can:







Learn more about me (and why I switched to becoming a “truffle forager” in my 30’s) by clicking here

Lets face it:

Hunting Wild Truffles Successfully Is
Damn Hard.

The reason? There are SO MANY THINGS you need to master!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you need to know:

  • How dogs learn
  • Reinforcement Training
  • Verbal Cues and Marking
  • Shaping vs Luring
  • Developing Motivation
  • Developing Drive
  • Scent Pairing
  • Scent Identification
  • Indication Training
  • Understanding your dog
  • Dog Body Language
  • Indoor Training vs Outdoor Training
  • The hunting Sequence
  • Field Training
  • Blind Hides 
  • Wind Scent Dynamics
  • And this is not everything… 

Is your head spinning in overwhelm yet? – I remember mine certainly was when I started out.

I struggled for months and months trying to figure everything out for myself.

  • I read 30+ books 

  • Invested in 10+ mentors, 

  • Bought 15+ courses, 

  • Attended many workshops, 

  • Hung out with ‘real’ truffle hunters, 

And spent thousands $$$ and countless hours in my training and education, and today I have finally pieced it all together to share with you. 


Training Your Dog To Hunt Truffles Can Be As Easy As "ABC"

Forget about all the dog scent detection training you’ve already seen online.

Effective truffle dog training is different from traditional scent detection training BUT it doesn’t need to be complicated!

And with the right recipe, you can have great success. 

Here’s the 3 KEY training concepts you need to master:

  1. 🚀 Drive – Motivation to hunt 
  2. 🌀 Searching  Hunting effectively 
  3. 🎯 Indicating – Final desired behaviour 

But doing all these 3 things at the same time is time-consuming and tricky without the right system.

This is where my 30 Day Truffle Dog System™ comes into play.

I can help you hunt truffles with your dog effectively and tackle all 3 of these KEY concepts at the same time, training only in your spare time and WITHOUT all the overwhelm, EVEN IF, you’re a complete beginner. 

.    .    .


An Introduction To Truffle Dog Training: 

Who for: For beginners aspiring to hunt truffles and have more fun with their dog (suitable for any dog) 

Time: 9am to 12pm 

Date: Sat 4th May 

Location: Ascot, UK

An Introduction To Truffle Dog Training: 

Who for: For beginners aspiring to hunt truffles and have more fun with their dog (suitable for any dog) 

Time: 9am to 12pm 

Date: Sat 25th May 

Location: Ascot, UK